Your Wedding Rental Checklist

When planning a wedding, the bride and groom have about a thousand different decisions to make; from deciding on their venue all the way to picking out what socks the groom will be wearing on the day-of. With this many questions to answer and decisions to make, it is almost impossible to avoid overlooking some little details here or there.

While we can’t help you make all of your decisions for your wedding…we can at least try to put you at ease when it comes to your rentals! While tables and chairs are no brainers; sometimes smaller items, such as trashcans, napkins, etc., can be easily overshadowed by more immediate needs. That is why our rental coordinators got together to brainstorm every last detail, question, or decision that needs to be considered when ordering your wedding day rentals.


Right off the bat, guest seating is one of the first thoughts that comes to mind when considering your rental needs. Usually, when we start a quote with a new couple, tables and chairs are the very first items we talk about. After nailing down the ceremony and guest seating, you might think you are ready to jump right on ahead to the next item. Hold your horses though; there are a lot of other items that you need to consider first!

Questions to Consider

  • Will you be using two separate sets of chairs for the ceremony and reception; or will you be moving one set from the ceremony site to the reception site?

    • If you plan on transporting the chairs yourself, do you have guests who can assist elderly or unable guests with their chairs as well as their own?

  • Does your caterer expect you to rent any tables for their services?

    • Buffet Tables, Dessert Tables, Appetizer Tables, Etc.

  • Will you need any extra tables for displays or other items?

    • Gift Table, Guest Book Table, DJ Table, Etc.

  • If you are having a cocktail hour, will you need any extra tables or chairs for that as well?

    • Bar Stools, Cocktail Tables, Etc.

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After you have considered all of your possible table and chair needs, you are ready to move onto your linen rentals. The most important decision to start with is what color scheme you want to gear your decisions toward. While neon yellow might be your favorite color, remember that you will have multiple tables set up all over your venue space; and you most likely do not want every single one of them to be covered by neon yellow linens. If you are planning on renting all of your linens, you might want to look into switching up your colors based on the different tables you will be using. For instance, perhaps rent neon yellow linens for your buffet tables and white linens for your guest tables. You must also decide if you would like your linens to be at a luncheon (half-way) or floor length. This decision can depend on many different factors; your rental budget, your venue, if the wedding will be indoor or outdoor, and if you are planning on having a more casual or upscale atmosphere.

Questions to Consider

  • Would you like your linens to be at a luncheon length or floor length?

  • What tablecloth color and napkin color would you like for your guest tables?

  • What tablecloth color would you like for any extra tables?

    • Buffet Tables, Gift Table, DJ Table, etc.

  • Were you thinking about adding runners to your tables as well?

  • Were you thinking about renting sashes to add some extra décor to your chairs or tables?


Before moving on to your table-settings, we always like to recommend you include your caterer in these decisions as well. The china and flatware that you will need to rent greatly depends on the appetizers, meals, and desserts you and your caterer have agreed upon. The most standard table-setting includes a dinner plate, salad plate, dessert plate, dinner knife, dinner fork, salad fork, and teaspoon. Depending on the dishes you are serving, you may not need this entire setting or you may even need to add some additional items. The dinner style you are planning on having (buffet-style, family-style, etc.) can also majorly affect your decisions for these rentals.

Questions to Consider

  • Will you be having a buffet-style, family-style, or sit-down style meal?

  • Will you need a dinner plate, salad plate, and bread & butter/dessert plate?

  • Will you need any type of china or flatware during your cocktail hour?

  • Will you need an extra set of dessert plates or dessert forks for the cake/dessert?

  • Do you have any dishes that require a bowl or teaspoon?

  • Will you need any other china or flatware outside of your typical table setting?

    • Steak Knife, Cocktail Fork, Etc.

  • Are you planning on serving coffee at the end of the night?

    • If so, will you need to rent any coffee cups or saucers?

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The required glassware needed for your wedding is, for the most part, pretty simple and straightforward. The quickest and easiest glassware decision to make is what style glass you would like to use for water and non-alcoholic beverages. After that, if you are serving alcoholic beverages, you mainly just have the bar to focus on. Now, depending on the complexity of your bar menu, these glassware decisions could become a little bit tougher. A few factors to consider when deciding what glassware you will need to rent for the bar are how many of your guests will be drinking alcoholic beverages, what type of alcoholic beverages your guests might favor, and an estimate of how many drinks you think will be served per guest.

Questions to Consider

  • Will you need any other specific glassware for other non-alcoholic beverages?

  • What type of beverages are you planning on serving at the bar?

    • Wine/Mixed Drinks/Beer/Signature Cocktails/ Etc.

  • Are there certain beverages you expect your guests will favor?

  • If you are serving a signature cocktail, would you want it to be served in a different glass than the rest of the bar drinks?

  • Will you be having any type of toast/cheers at some point that would require specific glassware?

    • Champagne Flutes/Cordials/Etc.

Photo Taken By:  Emily March Photography

Photo Taken By: Emily March Photography

Each catering company can differ in which items they provide themselves and which items they expect the client to provide for them. These requests can be as simple as supplying the buffet tables needed for the food all the way to supplying every item down to the salt and pepper shakers. The rental items you would need can also depend on the different beverage/food set-ups you are planning on using and how you plan on serving the food and drinks to your guests. It is best to go through these items thoroughly with your caterer (and perhaps the venue as well) in order to avoid any possible stress or last minute scrambling for needed items.

Questions to Consider

  • How will your different beverages be served?

    • Will your plan require any drink dispensers, coolers, samovars, etc.?

  • Will you need any pitchers for refilling water glasses?

  • If you are including a coffee station at the end of the night, will you need a coffee maker or any cream/sugar dishes?

  • Will you be serving any sauces/dips that will require a type of serving bowl or ramekin?

  • If you are having a buffet style dinner, will you need any chafing dishes or serving utensils for your dishes?

  • Would you like to add any other beverage/food service items to your tables?

    • Salt and Pepper Shakers/Bread Baskets/Etc.

  • Will you need to rent trashcans as well?


When it comes to outdoor weddings, renting a tent should be more than just an idea that is thrown around. Every couple should at least look into how to rent a tent, the possible added necessities, the price ranges, and any factors that could cause issues moving forward; even if the tent will only be needed in the event of inclement weather. Most companies will usually have a rain plan scenario worked out in order to help you reserve a tent only in the case of inclement weather; because, let’s be honest, nothing can cause as much stress at an outdoor wedding as rain can. Possible rain or strong winds could even end up affecting a tent crew’s ability to set-up a tent or take one down on a certain day. Renting out a tent can, at times, involve a lot more planning than one might originally think. In the event that the weather does go south, you will want to be prepared in order to quickly solve the problem and avoid a possible stress-induced meltdown.

Questions to Consider

  • Where you are planning on placing the tent?

  • Are we able to stake the tent into the grass?

    • If it is being placed on a hard surface or a surface that cannot be staked, there will be the added expense of water barrels to your tent price.

  • What layout are you planning for underneath the tent?

    • Location of Guest Tables & Seats/Dance Floor/Buffet Tables/ Etc.

  • Depending on the time of day the tent will be in use, will lighting need to be added as well?

  • If the tent is needed at a venue, does the venue have any restrictions or rules regarding tents?

Photo Taken By:  The Kent’s Photography

Photo Taken By: The Kent’s Photography

When planning a wedding, you can end up spending so much time focusing on the necessary precautions and needs that you don’t even consider any extra items or rentals that you simply just want. Depending on your wedding set-up and ideas, some items can easily become a necessity as well. While every wedding is different, most are in need of similar rentals or extra pieces to finish bringing their set-up together.

Questions to Consider

  • Do you have any décor pieces that would require an easel?

  • Were you thinking of adding any type of archway or background to your ceremony?

  • Will you need any type of candelabra for your ceremony?

    • Do you have the candles for the candelabra? (Some rental companies require that you purchase drip-less candles when renting out their candelabras.)

  • Will you need to add a dance floor to your layout as well?

    • If so, how many guests are you having?

    • Do you think a majority or minority of your guests will be hitting the dance floor?

  • Depending of the time of year, will you need to rent coat racks?

  • Is there any other added décor you were interested in incorporating or renting?

Planning a wedding is in no way an easy task. Why do you think some couples end up hiring a wedding planner right away? There are hundreds of decisions to be made; and just when you think you are done, there will most likely be one more question from someone somewhere about something. This is why we always like to urge couples to talk to us and their other vendors about any little worry or question they might have throughout the process. We want you to be at ease just as much as you want to be at ease. As I said earlier; while we can do our best to assist you with every last detail for your rentals, we are in no way experts in all things wedding related. In order to pull your day together, you will need to utilize every expert, vendor, and staff member that you can. This is your day, your wedding, and your memories you are creating; we are simply here to help you as much as we can along the way.