7 Things You Need to Throw the Best Graduation Party!

If you have a large backyard, you should definitely look into having your graduation party there. To make it a grad party everyone will remember, rent some tables, chairs, and one or two tents to keep your guests cool and dry. Party event rentals are the way to go for a big one-off shindig like a college graduation party, and they open up a world of wonderful options. Here are just a few:


Margarita Bar

Party tent rentals aren’t the only way to keep cool in the early summer heat. Nice icy margaritas are the drink everyone can agree on.

Catered Food Service

You’re going to want something to snack on if you plan on being outside all day (and all night). Approach your old college haunt that you and your friends ate at every day and ask them if they can cater your grad party.

Slip n’ Slide

Two margaritas down the hatch and thoughts circle your head about the real world and workforce you’re about to join; what do you do? Throw yourself down the slip n’ slide like your inner kid wants you to. Enjoy this last hoorah as much as possible.

Beer Pong

You just graduated college, do you need an excuse to play beer pong one more time? Pro tip: margarita pong.


It’s not a party without loud music. Just make sure to check with the town council before getting too loud.

Dance Floor

Sure, everybody could dance in the grass, but give them a proper stage to show off their four years of accumulated dance proficiency. Look into outdoor dance floor rentals when you rent the tent.


If you plan on having this party go on into the night, look into your lighting options. A few spotlights are ideal so you can see, but pick out some colorful stage lights and strobes to liven up the dance floor as well.

You only get to graduate from college once, so you better do it in style. Call us to get your party event rentals ready, and brace yourself for one wild and wonderfully memorable night.