5+ Fresh Holiday Looks


As the year winds down, we’re getting ready for a season of celebrations.  From the winter holidays, to New Years, and parties just-because — family, friends, and colleagues come together to toast to another amazing year.  Whether you’re planning a traditional family meal, a modern company gathering, or a glam celebration dinner, here’s some design inspiration to help your holiday parties shine.

Rustic with an Edge

Bold, dark accents and rich textures make for a uniquely edgy fall holiday look.  The wide Country Dining Table provides enough room for your favorite holiday decor or serving dishes for a family-style soiree.


Traditional Hues with a Touch of Glam

Rich brown, neutral beige, and bold orange are a quintessential palette for autumn and Thanksgiving, but gold accents introduce a touch glam and a pop of shine.  The Confetti plate combined with the uniquely-shaped Origami Lunch Plate add an element of surprise in the otherwise classic look.


Fall Texture with a Modern Twist

Highlight the textures of the season by combining the wood feel of the Country Dining Table and Sedona flatware with the unique woven feel of the Rattan and Nu Weave fabrics.  Modern elements like the Halo chinaware and Soho glasses give a contemporary twist on the otherwise rustic-inspired look.  Pro-tip:  Place Table Runners across the width of the table to create a sense of space for each guest and act as a creative way to dress up a table without using a full tablecloth.


Winter Holiday Inspiration

Shine with Velveteen

Velveteen is a perfect pick for the winter holiday season, combining elements of warmth and lustre in a single linen.  While the luxe feel of Velveteen is perfect for the winter holidays, the neutral Champagne tone combined with the rich Bordeaux napkins can work just as well for fall.  No matter the occasion, the Gramercy Gold Hammered Flatware and Eleanor Glassware add the final elegant details to the rich look.



Lodge-Inspired Layers

Bring the rustic feel beyond fall into the winter holidays with lodge-inspired look.  The wood texture of the Mason Dining Table and Sedona flatware combined with the woven Rattan, textured Roma glassware, and patterned Walton Black & White Check napkins creates a look that’s both understated and chic.


Wine and Luxe

Is there anything more luxe than jewel-toned Velveteen?  Combined with patterned gold accents and Vanderbilt Gold flatware, this look is the epitome of luxe holiday elegance.  Pair this look with the Xavier Gold chairs and Eleanor glassware to complete the look.


Traditional Meets Rustic Elegance

The rich ruby tone of the Cranberry Rattan sets the holiday tone for this entire look.  The Rattan Charger, Yorkshire plate and Sedona flatware play off the rustic undertones of the linen but the Palais Gold Salad plate adds an element of traditional shine.  The result?  A holiday look that’s as fresh as it is classic, playing to a variety of design preferences.  Pair this look with Chestnut Cross Back Chairs, Ecru Church Dinner Napkins, and Bell Glassware to carry the rustic-meets-traditional look through each and every detail.



New Years Inspiration

Sparkle, Glimmer, Shine

Whether you’re ringing in the new year or are celebrating just-because, nothing is more festive than sparkling sequins.  Pairing the dimensional Sugar Plum Sequin linen with coordinating muted lavender tones gives a unique-yet-cohesive take on a classic festive look.


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