A Refreshing Summer in The Prop Shop!

It's finally summertime around The Prop Shop, which can mean several different things,

1. It's FINALLY Wedding Season!
2. #1 means we are super busy all week long!
3. We love the AC in our office!
4. We tend to get a little behind on our Blog posts.

No need to worry, now that I have a little breathing room I am catching everyone up at once! Starting with this Refreshing Summer Showroom display we have had in the office for almost a month now.

This month we wanted to show off something simple with a pop of color. So we picked white, black, and pink as our color palettes to work from. Where did this color choice come from, you ask? Well to be honest, I was rooting around our display room (that's our extra office that we now use to store all of our display table pieces) and found these super awesome lanterns in pink and white. BAM! A color palette was born. I knew I wanted to showcase these lanterns in our table display so I used them to start building our tablescape.

First, I took different size and color lanterns and hung them from our showroom ceiling, mixing and matching the colors, sizes, style and length from the top to add a visual showpiece. I did have a fixed light already hanging over the show table area, so I had to work alongside the length of that light to not block the light coming from it, and to not get the paper lanterns too close making them a huge fire risk. Ideally after completing my little hanging of the lanterns project, I would have been able to hang them a little closer to the table for a little more atmosphere but it still looks good.

Then I set to work on a tablescape. In the last month, we have had an increasing number of calls for white table linens. We are not 100% if this is the beginning of a trend or not because clients think our white linens are cheaper than our colored selections (by the way, they're the same price), but this quickly prompted the use of a standard white 90' x 132' poly tablecloth, with our beautiful black and white Stripped table runner. Then, it was a no-brainer to add our gold chargers (rent for $1), gold-rimmed dinner plate and to top it all off with our black napkins and silver dinner fork, dinner knife, and teaspoon.

Here's the break down of all the items used in this month's Showroom's Main Table;

  • 6ft banquet table : $8.00
  • 90" x 132" White Poly Tablecloth : $18.00
  • 12" x 108" Black/White Table Runner : $5.00
  • Garden Padded Seat Folding Chairs - Natural Wood : $3.65
  • Balloon Pink PolyStrip Chair Sash : $2.00
  • Fushia PolyStrip Chair Sash : $2.00
  • Gold Charger : $1.00
  • Gold Rimmed Dinner Plate : $0.50
  • Black Cottonique Napkin : $0.60
  • Silver Dinner Fork : $0.55
  • Silver Dinner Knife : $0.55
  • Silver Tea Spoon : $0.55
  • Martini Glass : $0.50
  • High Ball Glass : $0.50

True to my fashion, this is not the only table I put together for this month's showroom. I took a little more time to show how the exact same color pattern could be used in a whole new way. I designed a sweetheart table in our front window.

By starting with a 108" round poly tablecloth, then draping a 60" x 60" lace overlay on top I was able to add in the colors and feel from our first table but with a slightly high taste perspective. I then brought in our gold chiavari chairs with black cushions and added a pop of pink with our napkins and gold chargers.

Here are all the rentals we are using in this month's sweetheart table.

  • 36" Round table : $ 7.25
  • 108" Round Black Poly Table Cloth : $ 14.50
  • 60" x 60" White Lace Overlay : $10.00
  • Gold Chivary Chair with Black Cushion : $8.00
  • Gold Charger : $1.00
  • Pink Cottonique Napkin : $0.60
  • Silver Dinner Fork : $0.55
  • Silver Dinner Knife : $0.55
  • Silver Tea Spoon : $0.55
  • Champagne Glass : $0.50
  • All Purpose Glass : $0.50

Erica Hildebrandt