4th of July

4th of July, baby! That means it's time to celebrate the birth of our sweet country with fireworks, cookouts, and water activities!  Let's kick off this 4th of July planning fest with a little color palette selection...

The Colors:
Each event you host should have a standard color scheme to work from. This will allow you to grab eye-catching pieces to showcase in your table arrangements, or favors around the design space. No need to worry, the sales team at The Prop Shop took a minute and pulled some of their favorite color palettes to share with you for your 4th of July Bash ...

Nowhere near as much as we shared with you for our Father's Day inspiration, but really it wouldn't be July 4th without our good old red, white, & blue colors. Now let's move into some of our favorite creative food ideas.

The Fun Food:
A great and creative party planner can put some awesome twists on your ordinary cookout foods. After many hours of drooling all over our keyboards, we found these extra cute food choices to help you celebrate the 4th in style.

Don't you just love the power of Pinterest? We could pull and post ideas for 4th of July food all day but instead, let me direct you over to our Pinterest Search : 4th of July Foods.  

The Decor:
No need to worry, we wouldn't leave you out in the cold on the decorations. After contemplation, we think The 4th of July is more of a D.I.Y.-decor kind of event. So again after tons of searching, we found these simple yet heartwarming decor ideas for your 4th of July party.

Do you see what we did there? Everyday household items can be turned into prideful and patriotic decorations! 

  • Using old blue water/wine glass bottles as flower or flag vases.
  • Getting cheap little American flags and staging them all over the place.
  • Pull out that Cricut machine you just had to have. Cut some stars, grab last night's veggie cans from dinner, wash them well and then cover them in paper for fork and knife holders.
  • Come on now, it wouldn't be American without a hand-painted Mason jar! Make sure after your paint is dry you go back with a small piece of sandpaper and sand down the paint on the lettering for that true vintage feel.

Man, is it just me or is this year's 4th looking really awesome?!? Well have f.... JUST KIDDING. I couldn't complete this post without showing you my all-time favorite idea for a 4th of July tablescape...

So simple it's mind-blowing! This planner used the blue camping plates along with red and blue kitchen towels for napkins and the amazing red polyester tablecloth.

I love it! So simple but so visually powerful. 
Happy Planning Fans!
Erica HIldebrandt