Father's Day with The Shop!

It's officially the start of the Father's Day Weekend. Here around The Prop Shop we love holidays. From the fun children's activities, cookouts, and table settings, we just can't get enough of the planning and decor! This month we celebrate all of the great fathers in our lives, and here around the shop we want to help you with the last minute preparations for your family gathering to celebrate that special dad.

The Colors:
Each event you host should have a standard color scheme to work from. This will allow you to grab eye-catching pieces to showcase in your table arrangements or favors around the design space. No need to worry, the sales team at The Prop Shop took a minute and pulled some of their favorite color palettes to share with you for your Father's Day Gathering....

Whether the Dad you are celebrating is a Bright/Bubbly Dad or Dark/Strong Dad, you can't go wrong with one of these great tone cards from our friends over at Design Seeds. Once you have your colors selected, move onto the place setting just right for Father's day.

The Place Setting:
Every party or gathering should have a go-to place setup. You wouldn't want something too fancy for a Backyard BBQ or paper plates for a gala.  And there is no reason to pull out all the 5-star china for dad, he really wouldn't care. But, let's show that we (as the party planners) do care and want to give dad a great setting to feast from.

Something simple will please dad: a plate, fork, knife, and napkin...

And when you want to go a little above and beyond on the decorating, do we have just the right inspiration below.

The Decorations:
 Any party isn't complete without the full-out decorations to celebrate the guest of honor. After many hours of Pinterest searching, our Sales team has come up with these great Father's Day ideas for your party!

Let me wrap it up with a Happy Father's Day to all the awesome dads out there!
:) Erica