How to Throw Your Next Dinner Party in a Small Space

A lack of space at home certainly doesn't mean you have to put your desire to host a stylish and fabulous event on hold. If you’re eager to entertain your friends and family but worry your space is just too small, Scroll on for inspiring pics on how to host a chic soirée in even the coziest of spaces.


1. You can still host a sit-down dinner even if your small home doesn’t boast a dining table let alone a dining room. Drape a stylish tablecloth over your coffee table or a desk and have your guests gather round either perched on floor cushions or, if you’re using a desk, on regular chairs.


2. It’s inevitable that there will be some crowding in the common areas when you throw your party, so you’ll want to prep beforehand to help keep the foot traffic flowing smoothly. “Not putting everything in one spot is key,” says Schuneman. “For example, put your bar on the console, your meal on the main table, and the dessert in the kitchen so there isn’t a bottleneck.” Another way to keep guests from congregating around the bar—and to save money—is to serve “a signature drink that you can put in pitchers or dispensers with cups next to them” throughout your home.

3. Chances are you don’t have a dining table that seats 12 in your small apartment. Invest in ottomans or poufs for casual seating, or find alternative options around the house: “Got a piano bench? Use it! Or, why not use that adorable vanity stool in your bathroom or bedroom?” says small space expert Sarah Roussos-Karakaian. For the dining table, Lee suggests using your sofa as seating and putting a table next to it. Depending on the size of your home, she recommends getting “a thin 30- to 36-inch-wide table, or a piece of plywood cut to size and putting it on top of the existing table. Protect the table with felt or other fabric and use some tape to secure the top from moving, then put a nice, inexpensive tablecloth on it.” You can go to any home improvement store like Home Depot or Lowe’s for the plywood, which is thin enough to store and use for your next dinner party.


4. A large, ornate arrangement would overwhelm a small table and space. “Use two or three key décor pieces like flowers for your table, and then fill in the space with a few smaller items like place card holders or votive candles,” says Leila Lewis, founder of the blog, Inspired by This. Or, make each place setting stand out: “Instead of a centerpiece, use bud vases as place card holders,” says Barfield. “Then, in the center of the table, place an odd number of candlesticks at different heights to give some visual interest.”

5. Hosting a gathering in a tiny apartment or house is the perfect opportunity to flex your creativity, too, so think of new ways to use your space. “I like to remove some books from shelves and use that space as a makeshift bar or beverage station—windowsills are also great for this,” says Lee. You can also free up some space in your fridge with this trick: “Make your sink an oversized wine cooler,” says Barfield. “Freeze flowers or berries in ice cubes to make it look prettier.”


6. “Small spaces heat up quickly! Let air in before guests arrive and have fans on during the party,” suggests Roussos-Karakian. And if it’s a bit too cramped, why not stretch your legs and get a breath of fresh air? “Have the party take a walk together between dinner and dessert,” suggests interior designer Genevieve Carter.



7 Things You Need to Throw the Best Graduation Party!

If you have a large backyard, you should definitely look into having your graduation party there. To make it a grad party everyone will remember, rent some tables, chairs, and one or two tents to keep your guests cool and dry. Party event rentals are the way to go for a big one-off shindig like a college graduation party, and they open up a world of wonderful options. Here are just a few:


Margarita Bar

Party tent rentals aren’t the only way to keep cool in the early summer heat. Nice icy margaritas are the drink everyone can agree on.

Catered Food Service

You’re going to want something to snack on if you plan on being outside all day (and all night). Approach your old college haunt that you and your friends ate at every day and ask them if they can cater your grad party.

Slip n’ Slide

Two margaritas down the hatch and thoughts circle your head about the real world and workforce you’re about to join; what do you do? Throw yourself down the slip n’ slide like your inner kid wants you to. Enjoy this last hoorah as much as possible.

Beer Pong

You just graduated college, do you need an excuse to play beer pong one more time? Pro tip: margarita pong.


It’s not a party without loud music. Just make sure to check with the town council before getting too loud.

Dance Floor

Sure, everybody could dance in the grass, but give them a proper stage to show off their four years of accumulated dance proficiency. Look into outdoor dance floor rentals when you rent the tent.


If you plan on having this party go on into the night, look into your lighting options. A few spotlights are ideal so you can see, but pick out some colorful stage lights and strobes to liven up the dance floor as well.

You only get to graduate from college once, so you better do it in style. Call us to get your party event rentals ready, and brace yourself for one wild and wonderfully memorable night.

Red Hot Valentine's Day Inspiration


Valentine’s Day is almost here and there is nothing more festive than a red hot event! 


Add luscious linens to your tablescapes. 

From pin lights to enveloping the entire venue with a rich hue, tantalize guests with red uplighting.


Worried about being too bold? Stick with classic neutrals for Chiavari chairs, linens, and specialty décor lighting. Incorporate pops of stunning red with florals to work in this romance shade. 


We love seeing all of the different ways you make your galas, weddings, special events and more red hot! 





We might be biased but we're so happy that Ultra Violet has been named Pantone's Color of the Year! There are so many ways to incorporate this shade of purple into your events!

uplighting 2.jpg

Looking for a vibrant backdrop that will liven up any space? Nothing changes the mood of a room like custom lighting!

uplighting 3.jpg

Add some pops of purple to your tablescape with our Parisian Pedestal Glassware and Violet Linens!


Pair your purple linens with simple flatware and glassware like our Stainless Steel Polished Flatware and Signature Glassware.


We can't wait to see all the unique ways you incorporate Ultra Violet into your upcoming events!  Be sure to contact us to see how we can add an Ultra Violet touch!

Congratulations You're Engaged!


It’s true, navigating the season of engagement before marriage is tough and you don’t realize how tough it is until you’re in the thick of it! This is ME saying this – you know, the positive, bubbly, joyful one. I tend to see the glass half full just because that’s who I am. But this season before marriage? Woah, even I agree that’s a whopper.

Many of you have gotten engaged in the past month, because this is overwhelmingly the most popular time get get engaged!! Families are all together for the holidays and it’s the perfect time to celebrate making a promise to each other that you’re committed to get married one day in the near future. It’s exciting!!! It’s the day you’ve been talking about with your girlfriends for so long. It’s the day your parents have been praying for and it’s finally here. IT’S FINALLY HERE!

But one thing about it is the expectations. You have expectations. Your fiance has expectations. Your family has expectations. They might all be different expectations! Feelings might get hurt. Planning a wedding, which mostly is fun, can sometimes be hard. Then there’s this other thing that tends to get put on the back burner – your relationship with your fiance. Together the expectations and making quality time with your fiance can make this engagement season feel like you’re on a boat by yourself in the middle of a storm. FRIENDS, you aren’t alone. I want you to know that it’s okay to take a step back and not talk about the wedding for an evening. It’s totally healthy to only talk about wedding stuff on Tuesdays and Thursdays, because the truth is the wedding is just a wedding. YOUR MARRIAGE is what really matters. The wedding is the symbol of the beginning of it all. You’ve got a lifelong journey ahead of you that you have to cultivate and that’s what really matters.

Happy planning friends! You’ve got this!!!! Your marriage will be here before you know it :) Also, you might note that our 2018 season is filling up so quickly, not even kidding you, So set your free consultation time today!


For the Savvy Bride : Crave vs. Save


In our new Savvy Bride series, we show you how to get the look you love for less! In this feature, we styled both looks around the beautiful Kelsey Grey Lace linen.  Kelsey Grey’s smoky hue and sheer, textured lace are elegant and romantic – perfect for weddings, anniversaries, and countless other special moments.  We styled the Kelsey Grey with rich amethyst elements and silver accents for a timeless, seasonless look.


The Capri Bone White Chair featured in the Crave look has a unique silhouette and back detailing, perfect when you’d like an alternative to some of our more popular chair styles.  If the classic Chiavari-look is more your style, the Bone Reception Chair, paired with the Champagne Shantung Cushion, is the perfect coordinate for this look, as seen in the Save look.

The Aurora Violet Glass Charger sets the foundation for the Crave look with its purple hue.  Because of its transparency, the charger takes on some of the qualities of the Kelsey Grey, making it appear deeper and richer and a perfect pair with the Amethyst Shantung napkin.  The Eggplant Cotton napkin makes a strong enough statement in the Save look that the budget-conscious can opt-out of the charger without sacrificing style.


Silver accents add a metallic shine to both the Crave and Save looks, but the Campbell Dinner plate in the Crave look gives an added touch of detail with its patterned rim.  The White Rim Platinum Border Dinner plate gives the silver essence for less in the Save look.


The Campbell Lunch Plate 9” and the White Rim Platinum Border Lunch plate are the first course coordinates for their respective looks and echo the silver shine of the dinner plates.  

Bonus Save tip: If you love the Campbell pattern but want an option that still saves, you can mix one Campbell plate with one White Rim Platinum Border in the setting. We love a creative compromise!


The Dyana collection is the epitome of elegance, and its detailed stems add another element of intrigue in the Crave look.  For a timeless alternative, the Classic collection is a popular pick.

The Manhattan collection adds an unexpected art-deco inspired detail to the Crave look, where the Gotham collection keeps it sleek and simple in the Save look.


The napkin in both the Crave and Save looks gives both looks a bold pop of jewel-toned purple.  The Amethyst Shantung in the Crave look adds shine and texture to the setting, and the Eggplant Cotton is a classic, matte pick for the Save look.


For a a final, textural detail, the Silver Oval Napkin Rings tie the Crave look together, with the Brushed Stainless Napkin Ring acting as a more sleek, modern pick for the Save look.


Votives are a great way to incorporate soft candlelight to a design — the Tri-Sided Amethyst votives carry the rich hue into the centerpiece of the Crave look and the classic Clear Straight-Sided Votives are a no-frills alternative Save pick.

 For more information, please contact our Event Rental Specialists.



by Emily Westbrooks via

 Jose Villa via Style Me Pretty

I vividly remember planning my own wedding ceremony. My husband was three thousand miles away for the year and I was mainly left to my own devices on the planning front, which was more helpful in the end than you would imagine. But for the ceremony planning, I didn’t know where to start. I had only been to one wedding before, when I was sixteen, and it was a Catholic mass. At the time, that sounded awfully simple! Just walk up the aisle and someone tells you what to do for the next hour, everything prescribed and repeated as it has been for thousands of years.

Instead, I found myself Googling “What is in a wedding ceremony?” and “What does a wedding ceremony have to have?” in a desperate attempt to cobble together something that would be meaningful, would reflect us as a couple, and would include everything it legally needed. We asked two friends to marry us, and luckily they made sure we were on the right track and had a beautiful, personal wedding ceremony. But I remember thinking, who on earth would let me decide what’s in my wedding ceremony? It seemed like something much too important to let me decide what it would be. But decided I did and now I only wish I had injected more fun and personality into it!


Elizabeth Messina via Wedding Chicks


If you’re not set on having a wedding in a church, consider choosing a ceremony venue that has special meaning to you as a couple. Anywhere that is flat enough for a few rows of chairs and has space to make a focal point at the top of the aisle can work. Also keep in mind that you don’t want your guests looking straight into the sun, even though the sunset would make a beautiful backdrop behind you on your favorite beach! You still want your guests to be able to see the beautiful bride and groom. Consider parks, sea fronts, even your favorite cafe. Even if the venue doesn’t typically hold weddings, you can always ask!


If you’re having a church wedding but aren’t sure how to make your ceremony look different than the thousands that have come before, consider decorating the aisle uniquely. Opt for a late-afternoon ceremony and line the aisle with candles (just make sure guests and kids are aware of them!), flower petals or confetti. Tie balloons or streamers from the ends of the pews, just adding a little extra creativity to your ceremony can set the tone for what’s to come.


If you aren’t having a religious ceremony, you can ask a friend to officiate. Think Friends where Joey marries Chandler and Monica in the snow storm! Anyone can get certified to officiate weddings online, and lawyers are automatically able to perform weddings as well. You can work with your friend to make sure all of the parts you’d like are included, like unity candles or your own vows, and your wedding ceremony will be instantly more personal because you know the person who marries you.


For our wedding, we asked my husband’s aunt to play and sing two old hymns during our ceremony. Most people ask friends or family to read poetry or religious passages, but feel free to get a little creative. We also asked my mother-in-law to pray a blessing over us during the ceremony, which was a really lovely way to start our marriage. People take their roles in weddings very seriously, so you’ll be surprised how meaningful and heartfelt the words your friends and family choose for you will be.


Your processional or recessional music doesn’t have to come from an approved list. And your guests don’t even have to understand the meaning of your choice! You can choose a song that’s meaningful to you as a couple, maybe a song that isn’t appropriate for a first dance but has a beat you’d walk down the aisle to! When I was planning our ceremony, I decided I’d like to walk down the aisle to an instrumental version of Counting Crows’ Color Blind because I like the piano intro. When I went looking for the music online, I was shocked at how many people had had the same clever idea!


When my brother-in-law got married a few years ago, they decided they would write surprise vows for each other. His new wife surprised him with vows that compared their marriage to the game of basketball, since he was a professional basketball player at the time! She explained how she would be his teammates, his coach, and even the referee in all the different seasons and situations of their marriage. With all the basketball players in the audience, it was such a hit! Whether it’s basketball or baking, including meaningful references in your ceremony will keep your ceremony fresh for you as a couple and for your guests.


Emily Wren via Mod Wedding


Handfasting ceremonies are the new unity candle, a symbolic ritual of your partnership together as a married couple. They’re more and common in European countries, and have roots in ancient Scottish and German cultures. They’re becoming more popular around the world, and one nice benefit to having a handfasting ceremony in your wedding is that, like a unity candle, you have a ribbon or rope as a keepsake from your ceremony to take with you for years to come.


Another lovely idea to include in your wedding ceremony is a communal blessing of your rings by all of your guests. Your officiant might ask your guests to stand with you and repeat a blessing over your rings before you and your partner exchange rings. It’s a nice way to include your guests and have your community show their support for your new marriage.

Are you planning to include any special or unique rituals or traditions in your ceremony? We’d love to hear about them!


Ultimate Family Style Dinner Guide

One of the biggest decisions to make while planning an event is whether the main meal should be plated or buffet. Each has its own pros and cons, but there is another service style that is making a big comeback and is very trendy in events both large and small: the family-style service.

During a family-style service, food is brought to the tables in serving bowls, platters, and baskets, where guests are invited to pass them around, helping themselves as they go.  Mimicking the feel of a large family gathering, family-style is perfect for encouraging guests to mingle with their neighbors and creating a sense of intimacy.  It’s also a great opportunity for guests to try as much or as little of the menu as they’d like.

Family-style is a unique alternative to traditional buffets and plated-style service, where guests get the best of both worlds — the social, casual self-service of a buffet mixed with the elegance and comfort of plated service. Because of this casual elegance, family-style can work well for a variety of events, from the backyard to the ballroom and everything in between.  The style especially lends itself to ultra-popular Farm-to-Table menus, really enhancing the authentic dining experience.

Ready to start planning your next family-style gathering but not sure where to start?  We curated a collection of bowls, platters, plates, baskets and serving pieces that are perfect for passing. 


To help the family-style meal run smoothly, try using bowls, platters, and baskets that are large enough to hold the right amount of food but light enough that guests can pass them with ease.  Our Melamine and Tin collections are especially great for this!  

Since the platters and bowls will be on the table throughout the course or meal, you’ll want to make sure you have enough room for all of the serving pieces on the table in addition to the place settings and any decor.  Clients will often use larger-width tables for this, but you could also opt for smaller pieces of decor or even by creatively incorporating some food items right into the design.  

Lastly, don’t forget to have enough of the correct serving utensils for each each dish.  It sounds obvious, but it’s always worth a second look!

For more information please contact our Event Rental Specialists.


Tis the Season: 10 Holiday Party Ideas

From Cocktails to Dinner

The weather’s getting colder, the days are getting shorter, and we’re quickly approaching the winter holidays.  The magic of the season brings friends, family, and colleagues from all corners of the globe to celebrate another wonderful year together.  Whether you’re planning a company cocktail party for 1000 or a family dinner for 10, here are some ideas and inspiration to get you in the holiday state of mind.  (P.S. If you need a few winter-inspired cocktail recipes to toast to an event-well-planned, we've got you covered on those, too.

Cocktail Party Inspiration

One of the most popular ways to entertain during the holiday season, cocktail parties bring crowds both large and small together to mix and mingle over great drinks, small bites, and good music.  Even if you opt out of a formal seated dinner, there are many ways to create a festive feel.

Velveteen Dream

Lush, luxe Velveteen linens are a classic choice for the cold holiday season, with their rich texture and unique way of reflecting the light.  Our newly expanded collection is now available in six luxe colors, giving you a wide variety of ways to incorporate the fabric into your designs.


Holiday Dining Styles

Onto one of the major reasons we love holiday parties:  amazing food.  There are many different ways to serve your guests, depending on your menu, guest count, budget, and personal preferences, but two styles we tend to see often during the holiday season are Buffet-Style and, more recently, Family-Style.  The social nature of both styles is perfect for encouraging mingling and creating memories.


Buffet-style dining is a classic serving style for holiday parties, but just because it’s a traditional option, doesn’t mean it has to be boring!  Mix it up with a textured linen, like our Dolce Crush style, or a unique chinaware pattern to dazzle and delight.




Guests gathering around the table, chatting with neighbors as they pass around bowls and platters of delicious food is a quintessential holiday scene.  Family-style dining is more popular than ever, and it really lends itself to holiday dining.  Check out our ultimate guide to Family Style for tips, tricks, and suggestions for planning the perfect meal.


Holiday Dinner Looks

Sparkle, shine, and rich, vibrant tones are design favorites for the holiday season.  Whether you prefer rustic or traditional, ornate or modern, here’s some design inspiration for any occasion.

Metallic Gold Mix & Match

A unique combination of gold and white chinaware patterns, gold accents, and a textured bronze table runner make a holiday design that shines.  The mix of metallics are especially perfect for New Year’s celebrations — just add bubbly!


Mad for Plaid

Elevate a traditional plaid linen with ornate gold accents for a fresh take on a classic holiday design.



Rustic Chic with Metallic Accents

Bring the outdoors into your holiday party with our new rustic country table, matte chinaware, textured metals, and seasonal foliage.  Check print napkins give a nod to comfy winter flannel.


Simply Red

The bold, textured Red Print Premium linen combined with scalloped Whisper chinaware, gold printed Confetti Cocktail Plate, and textured Carnegie Hill flatware makes for a holiday look that’s both whimsical and refined.


Play with Patterns

Our Chevron Noir Prints a neutral-yet-bold geometric print that is the perfect backdrop for any holiday design.  We paired this look with a rich Bordeaux Shantung napkin, but you can use any pop of color that fits your vision.


Ready to get into the holiday spirit?  Contact our Event Rental Specialists to start planning your event!



5+ Fresh Holiday Looks


As the year winds down, we’re getting ready for a season of celebrations.  From the winter holidays, to New Years, and parties just-because — family, friends, and colleagues come together to toast to another amazing year.  Whether you’re planning a traditional family meal, a modern company gathering, or a glam celebration dinner, here’s some design inspiration to help your holiday parties shine.

Rustic with an Edge

Bold, dark accents and rich textures make for a uniquely edgy fall holiday look.  The wide Country Dining Table provides enough room for your favorite holiday decor or serving dishes for a family-style soiree.


Traditional Hues with a Touch of Glam

Rich brown, neutral beige, and bold orange are a quintessential palette for autumn and Thanksgiving, but gold accents introduce a touch glam and a pop of shine.  The Confetti plate combined with the uniquely-shaped Origami Lunch Plate add an element of surprise in the otherwise classic look.


Fall Texture with a Modern Twist

Highlight the textures of the season by combining the wood feel of the Country Dining Table and Sedona flatware with the unique woven feel of the Rattan and Nu Weave fabrics.  Modern elements like the Halo chinaware and Soho glasses give a contemporary twist on the otherwise rustic-inspired look.  Pro-tip:  Place Table Runners across the width of the table to create a sense of space for each guest and act as a creative way to dress up a table without using a full tablecloth.


Winter Holiday Inspiration

Shine with Velveteen

Velveteen is a perfect pick for the winter holiday season, combining elements of warmth and lustre in a single linen.  While the luxe feel of Velveteen is perfect for the winter holidays, the neutral Champagne tone combined with the rich Bordeaux napkins can work just as well for fall.  No matter the occasion, the Gramercy Gold Hammered Flatware and Eleanor Glassware add the final elegant details to the rich look.



Lodge-Inspired Layers

Bring the rustic feel beyond fall into the winter holidays with lodge-inspired look.  The wood texture of the Mason Dining Table and Sedona flatware combined with the woven Rattan, textured Roma glassware, and patterned Walton Black & White Check napkins creates a look that’s both understated and chic.


Wine and Luxe

Is there anything more luxe than jewel-toned Velveteen?  Combined with patterned gold accents and Vanderbilt Gold flatware, this look is the epitome of luxe holiday elegance.  Pair this look with the Xavier Gold chairs and Eleanor glassware to complete the look.


Traditional Meets Rustic Elegance

The rich ruby tone of the Cranberry Rattan sets the holiday tone for this entire look.  The Rattan Charger, Yorkshire plate and Sedona flatware play off the rustic undertones of the linen but the Palais Gold Salad plate adds an element of traditional shine.  The result?  A holiday look that’s as fresh as it is classic, playing to a variety of design preferences.  Pair this look with Chestnut Cross Back Chairs, Ecru Church Dinner Napkins, and Bell Glassware to carry the rustic-meets-traditional look through each and every detail.



New Years Inspiration

Sparkle, Glimmer, Shine

Whether you’re ringing in the new year or are celebrating just-because, nothing is more festive than sparkling sequins.  Pairing the dimensional Sugar Plum Sequin linen with coordinating muted lavender tones gives a unique-yet-cohesive take on a classic festive look.


Ready to get into the holiday spirit?  Contact our Event Rental Specialists to start planning your event!


4th of July

4th of July, baby! That means it's time to celebrate the birth of our sweet country with fireworks, cookouts, and water activities!  Let's kick off this 4th of July planning fest with a little color palette selection...

The Colors:
Each event you host should have a standard color scheme to work from. This will allow you to grab eye-catching pieces to showcase in your table arrangements, or favors around the design space. No need to worry, the sales team at The Prop Shop took a minute and pulled some of their favorite color palettes to share with you for your 4th of July Bash ...

Nowhere near as much as we shared with you for our Father's Day inspiration, but really it wouldn't be July 4th without our good old red, white, & blue colors. Now let's move into some of our favorite creative food ideas.

The Fun Food:
A great and creative party planner can put some awesome twists on your ordinary cookout foods. After many hours of drooling all over our keyboards, we found these extra cute food choices to help you celebrate the 4th in style.

Don't you just love the power of Pinterest? We could pull and post ideas for 4th of July food all day but instead, let me direct you over to our Pinterest Search : 4th of July Foods.  

The Decor:
No need to worry, we wouldn't leave you out in the cold on the decorations. After contemplation, we think The 4th of July is more of a D.I.Y.-decor kind of event. So again after tons of searching, we found these simple yet heartwarming decor ideas for your 4th of July party.

Do you see what we did there? Everyday household items can be turned into prideful and patriotic decorations! 

  • Using old blue water/wine glass bottles as flower or flag vases.
  • Getting cheap little American flags and staging them all over the place.
  • Pull out that Cricut machine you just had to have. Cut some stars, grab last night's veggie cans from dinner, wash them well and then cover them in paper for fork and knife holders.
  • Come on now, it wouldn't be American without a hand-painted Mason jar! Make sure after your paint is dry you go back with a small piece of sandpaper and sand down the paint on the lettering for that true vintage feel.

Man, is it just me or is this year's 4th looking really awesome?!? Well have f.... JUST KIDDING. I couldn't complete this post without showing you my all-time favorite idea for a 4th of July tablescape...

So simple it's mind-blowing! This planner used the blue camping plates along with red and blue kitchen towels for napkins and the amazing red polyester tablecloth.

I love it! So simple but so visually powerful. 
Happy Planning Fans!
Erica HIldebrandt

A Refreshing Summer in The Prop Shop!

It's finally summertime around The Prop Shop, which can mean several different things,

1. It's FINALLY Wedding Season!
2. #1 means we are super busy all week long!
3. We love the AC in our office!
4. We tend to get a little behind on our Blog posts.

No need to worry, now that I have a little breathing room I am catching everyone up at once! Starting with this Refreshing Summer Showroom display we have had in the office for almost a month now.

This month we wanted to show off something simple with a pop of color. So we picked white, black, and pink as our color palettes to work from. Where did this color choice come from, you ask? Well to be honest, I was rooting around our display room (that's our extra office that we now use to store all of our display table pieces) and found these super awesome lanterns in pink and white. BAM! A color palette was born. I knew I wanted to showcase these lanterns in our table display so I used them to start building our tablescape.

First, I took different size and color lanterns and hung them from our showroom ceiling, mixing and matching the colors, sizes, style and length from the top to add a visual showpiece. I did have a fixed light already hanging over the show table area, so I had to work alongside the length of that light to not block the light coming from it, and to not get the paper lanterns too close making them a huge fire risk. Ideally after completing my little hanging of the lanterns project, I would have been able to hang them a little closer to the table for a little more atmosphere but it still looks good.

Then I set to work on a tablescape. In the last month, we have had an increasing number of calls for white table linens. We are not 100% if this is the beginning of a trend or not because clients think our white linens are cheaper than our colored selections (by the way, they're the same price), but this quickly prompted the use of a standard white 90' x 132' poly tablecloth, with our beautiful black and white Stripped table runner. Then, it was a no-brainer to add our gold chargers (rent for $1), gold-rimmed dinner plate and to top it all off with our black napkins and silver dinner fork, dinner knife, and teaspoon.

Here's the break down of all the items used in this month's Showroom's Main Table;

  • 6ft banquet table : $8.00
  • 90" x 132" White Poly Tablecloth : $18.00
  • 12" x 108" Black/White Table Runner : $5.00
  • Garden Padded Seat Folding Chairs - Natural Wood : $3.65
  • Balloon Pink PolyStrip Chair Sash : $2.00
  • Fushia PolyStrip Chair Sash : $2.00
  • Gold Charger : $1.00
  • Gold Rimmed Dinner Plate : $0.50
  • Black Cottonique Napkin : $0.60
  • Silver Dinner Fork : $0.55
  • Silver Dinner Knife : $0.55
  • Silver Tea Spoon : $0.55
  • Martini Glass : $0.50
  • High Ball Glass : $0.50

True to my fashion, this is not the only table I put together for this month's showroom. I took a little more time to show how the exact same color pattern could be used in a whole new way. I designed a sweetheart table in our front window.

By starting with a 108" round poly tablecloth, then draping a 60" x 60" lace overlay on top I was able to add in the colors and feel from our first table but with a slightly high taste perspective. I then brought in our gold chiavari chairs with black cushions and added a pop of pink with our napkins and gold chargers.

Here are all the rentals we are using in this month's sweetheart table.

  • 36" Round table : $ 7.25
  • 108" Round Black Poly Table Cloth : $ 14.50
  • 60" x 60" White Lace Overlay : $10.00
  • Gold Chivary Chair with Black Cushion : $8.00
  • Gold Charger : $1.00
  • Pink Cottonique Napkin : $0.60
  • Silver Dinner Fork : $0.55
  • Silver Dinner Knife : $0.55
  • Silver Tea Spoon : $0.55
  • Champagne Glass : $0.50
  • All Purpose Glass : $0.50

Erica Hildebrandt

Father's Day with The Shop!

It's officially the start of the Father's Day Weekend. Here around The Prop Shop we love holidays. From the fun children's activities, cookouts, and table settings, we just can't get enough of the planning and decor! This month we celebrate all of the great fathers in our lives, and here around the shop we want to help you with the last minute preparations for your family gathering to celebrate that special dad.

The Colors:
Each event you host should have a standard color scheme to work from. This will allow you to grab eye-catching pieces to showcase in your table arrangements or favors around the design space. No need to worry, the sales team at The Prop Shop took a minute and pulled some of their favorite color palettes to share with you for your Father's Day Gathering....

Whether the Dad you are celebrating is a Bright/Bubbly Dad or Dark/Strong Dad, you can't go wrong with one of these great tone cards from our friends over at Design Seeds. Once you have your colors selected, move onto the place setting just right for Father's day.

The Place Setting:
Every party or gathering should have a go-to place setup. You wouldn't want something too fancy for a Backyard BBQ or paper plates for a gala.  And there is no reason to pull out all the 5-star china for dad, he really wouldn't care. But, let's show that we (as the party planners) do care and want to give dad a great setting to feast from.

Something simple will please dad: a plate, fork, knife, and napkin...

And when you want to go a little above and beyond on the decorating, do we have just the right inspiration below.

The Decorations:
 Any party isn't complete without the full-out decorations to celebrate the guest of honor. After many hours of Pinterest searching, our Sales team has come up with these great Father's Day ideas for your party!

Let me wrap it up with a Happy Father's Day to all the awesome dads out there!
:) Erica

Richmond Weddings Featured!

We are super excited around the office to share our 2nd Richmond Weddings Feature with you.  Congratulations to the lovely couple and be sure to check out the full featured post on Richmond , Here's the direct link : Real RVA Wedding Ryan & Sean 

We are also super excited to share with you more of the lovely couple's photos provided to us by Ashley Glasco Photography.  Thanks bunches, Ashley, for sharing!!

Congratulations again to Ryan & Sean.

. ______________________________________________________ .

Vendors Love!

Wedding Consultant: Emmett Hickam, Richmond Bridal Consulting

Gown & Veil: Tiffanys Bridal

Flowers & Linens: Black Iris Floral Events

Rentals: The Prop Shop Party Rentals

Accommodations:  The Jefferson Hotel

Photography: Ashley Glasco Photography

Ceremony Music:  Music of the Times

Hair/Makeup:  Laura D’s Hair & Day Spa

Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal

Formalwear:  Men’s Wearhouse

Invitations:  Wedding Paper Divas

Lighting:  LEAP

Catering:  Champagne Taste Catering

Cake/Sweet Treats: Carytown Cupcakes

Transportation:  Camelot Classic Cars


Fall in love with Chargers.

Formal sit down dinners are sadly becoming a thing of the past here in the Richmond area. We see it all the time on TV and commercials; people getting together for a great night of friends and food, seeing the seated dinner with a beautiful tablescape and lots of great times in the making.  But why have we lost the desire for formal gatherings either as a formal wedding reception or even a great night with friends?

Today I hope to ignite that spark for the formal fun once again with some great chargers to love.

Most people can honestly say they don't know the true history or meaning behind a charger plate. In North America we came to call these larger plates chargers after the Middle English word "chargeour". Formally, a charger is not for food service, the charger signifies a larger platter.

They are usually larger than most common dinner plates and since they are not used for food, chargers are made from a large variety of materials from traditional china, metal, wood, glass, plastic, or even pearl. These chargers can be decorated with hand carvings, painted images, and other largely decorative items.

Charger etiquette and use varies. Some professional catering companies like to remove the decorative charger plate as the guests are seated. In other instances, when the design of charger plates complements the design of dining plates, charger plates are left on the table throughout the course of the meal. However, charger plates are always removed before serving desserts.

With that said, let's go over the proper way to use a charger plate at today's wedding or party. Place your charger of choice at each guest’s place setting. Set it in between the arranged flatware and below the glassware. Chargers should be two feet from one another to give guests enough elbow room.

You can align a menu card, cloth napkin, or the guest's place cards in the middle of the charger plate for use before the dinner service. Once your guests are served and ready to be served, their soup bowl, salad plate, or dinner plate is placed directly on top of the charger. The charger plate is then cleared with the dinner plate before the service of dessert, if you choose. Some couples like to leave their special chargers through dessert to not mess up the overall design of the tablescape.

At your next upscale wedding or dinner party you won't go wrong with using these simple charger plate etiquette rules.

  • Charger plates should always be placed and ready when your guests arrive.
  • Chargers are always removed from the table after all guests are finished eating the main entrée. Chargers should then be taken away with the dinner plate still on top, as this clears the table and leaves it ready for dessert to be served. 
  • Chargers can be removed once all guests are seated or they may remain on the table throughout the entire length of the meal.
  • Place charger plates one inch away from the bottom edge of the table, and about 2 feet apart to create the perfect alignment.
  • Never serve food directly on top of a charger plate, unless it is coated in a food-safe material.

Then there are always tons of extra ways to use a charger around Parties and homes and decorations. If you scoot on over to our Prop Shop Party Rentals - Pinterest Page to see all the Charges we have fallen in love with and some great ideas from what to turn these chargers into.

I hope this has helped to spark your planning bug for the next formal dinner function hosted by you or friends and family. If you need a little more help planning your next formal event please contact one of the lovely sales ladies in The Prop Shop Sales room for inspiration or help.

Happy Thursday Planning!
:) Erica Hildebrandt

Spring Cleaning Sale!

We all get the bug to clean out the old and unused to make way for the new finds from our warmer month adventures. Here at The Prop Shop we are just the same! Over the last several weeks we have spent many man-hours looking through our warehouse for the lost gems that we once used to rent.

Today kicks off the start of our Spring Cleaning Sale with a few of the larger items we are now offering for you to take home and keep! 

SOLD! -- Our once very popular Fireplace. Still in a strong usable condition. This piece does have the wear and tear of years and years of rentals but with a little love could still be used for plays, portraits, or as a holiday decorative piece. -- $SOLD

A life size Egyptian statue. With a wooden base and styrofoam structure this piece is great for theme parties or school fairs.  Condition is not perfect but this piece still has a lot of years to give.-- $15  

Our very own DIY Nut Crackers.  Made from sheet metal and other household odds and ends these gentlemen have been crafted for indoor or outdoor and are very light weight. We currently have 3 available for sale. -- $15 each

All sales will need to be made during normal business hours of 9am to 5pm Monday thru Friday and 9am to 12noon on Saturdays. Pickup from our Richmond warehouse only, sorry no delivery is available. All sales are final and only Cash will be excepted. 

For more information on these items or to schedule a pick up time please contact Erica at 804-228-1100 or

Please make sure you check back next week for our next lot of Spring Cleaning Sale items.
Have a happy Friday!

 :) Erica Hildebrandt

Spring in the Prop Shop

Today is such a blah day around the capital city with the heavy cloud cover and fits of rain, but here at The Prop Shop we are showing off some of the beautiful colors of Spring with our showroom display this month.

This month's showroom design is made up of 2 3-foot-round tables covered in peach table linens and set for 6 guests with our beautiful mahogany chiavari chairs. Our tables are set with silver flatware, square china, purple napkins, ice tea and champagne glassware. 

We have also set up a lovely hot tea and coffee station in the office. Our 50 cup samovars sits nicely alongside the silver tea kettle, silver milk and sugar caddies, and our glass Irish coffee glass.

We are also very lucky to have some very beautiful silk floral arrangements in the office this month from Shana at the Sassy Snapdragon Florals.  She handcrafted 3 beautiful arrangements for us to use in our table settings this month.

Shana Stewart | Owner

We are already busy working on a new fun and exciting idea for May and can't wait to share it with you in a few short weeks.

Happy Tuesday!

All photos are provided by one of our in-house photographers Erica Hildebrandt from Hildebrandt Photography.

Tuckahoe Plantation's Winter Visit

January 22, 2015

          January around The Prop Shop is filled with bridal shows, networking events, DIY projects, and bridal meetings. But around the office, we ladies like to know the real story behind all of the lovely vendors we get to work with in the warmer months of the year.

          So to start off our New Year we called over to our friends at The Tuckahoe Plantation and set up a Historic Tour of the property! Although the weather was chilly we were thrilled to learn a little more about one of Richmond’s original plantations.

We started our tour in on the beautiful South Lawn overlooking the James River. Our tour then took us to the breath-taking Gardens. Then we ended our tour in the all original and preserved home that sits right in front of the Tuckahoe Plantation property. But no pictures of that, we wanted to save the best part for you to check out on your own.

Hey, that’s us in front of the Plantation!

Did you know the Plantation is a pet friendly wedding venue? We loved seeing all the little fur babies accompany us through the grounds as we learned so much great Richmond History.

          To set up your own historic tour of the Historic Tuckahoe Plantation check out their website

And please don’t forget to donate your $5 to help keep Tuckahoe Alive for our future generations!